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Payment Options

I offer a few alternatives for acquiring my services. That way most anyone can have the opportunity to have his or her miniatures painted. Since I not only paint miniatures but play the games as well and have a wide variety of armies cash is not the only option for getting your miniatures painted.

Money - - The simplest way the payments would need to be either checks or money orders.

Miniatures - Miniatures - This is for people who have collections but don't have a lot of spare money. I know this happens to a lot of people it happens to me most of the time. The payment in miniatures would be decided on a per project basis. New or used does not matter but they must be complete with all bits and pieces such as shields and must be bare metal or primed but not painted. So for a list of the miniatures I would be interested in payment you can look through the list ant the bottom of the text. Some miniatures I would want more than others. Also I have a list of miniatures that I would want more than all others. If you had these available I would be willing to make to do more miniatures or the same miniatures at a higher level than the others.

For a list of miniatures that i would be interested in go here.

Miniatures Wanted