Wanted Miniatures

List of miniatures wanted - These are the different categories and miniature types that are available for the miniature payment method.

If you are considering miniatures as payment they will need to be unpainted and include all of the peices that originaly came with them.

Armies - These are mainly for armies that I run myself so I could use most any unit available in the army this is the best place to check as odds are if you have something for one if these armies I would have a use for it.

Ones With a ** before the army name are ones that I donít have armies so i would need minimum size feildable units to be able to use them.

Skullz - Would put a value of around $2.00 - 3.00 depending on the amount that you have.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Chaos Dwarfs - Anything metal in particular interest Blunderbusses, Bull Centaurs, and Hobgoblin wolf riders also any of the old lead Chaos Dwarf items like warriors tenderizer and especially Juggernauts

Undead - Skeleton Chariots, Mummies, Carrion, Skeleton Cavalry, Nagash, and oop plastic skeletons

Dark Elves - Dark Riders, Coldone Knights, Hydra, Dark Pegasus, and Executioners

Dwarfs - New iron breakers, Cannons, New Flame Cannon, and Norse Dwarfs

**Chaos Warriors - Knights, Dragon Ogres with great weapons,Egrimm van Horstmann, Mounted daemonettes of Slannesh, and most any of the old lead lines

High Elf - Pegesus Rider

**Lizardmen - Slann Mage Priest

** Wood Elves - Waywatchers, and Warhawk Riders

Orcs and Goblins Forest Goblins, Stone Trolls, and Metal Night Goblins

** Empire - Pistoliers, Metal Knights, New Volley Gun, Metal cannons and mortars

Various Warhammer - old metal animals such as wolves, bears, tigers, hounds, and coldones. Also newer plastic giant wolves, boars, barded warhorses, and regular horses

Warhammer 40,000

Sisters of Battle - Troopers mainly either sisters with helmets is a pluss or seraphim, but also in limited number heavies

Tyranids - 2nd Edtion items Hormagaunts, Carnifexes, Zoanthropes, and any of the new 3rd edition line

** Space Marines - Terminators, Scouts, Command Squad, Dreadnoughts, metal armour plates for Rino, and Robed Dark Angels

** Dark Eldar - Wyches, Incubi, Archon, and Lord

** Eldar - out of production striking scorpions, Harlaquins and all metal Harlequin Jetbikes

Various Miniature Manufacturers

Warzone - Mourning Wolves
Confrontation - Wolfen, Dwarfs
Assassin Miniatures - Battlemage, Headhuntress

Characters - This is for miniatures I don't have armies for and would like to use for my ever-expanding repainted section. These include any commander type miniature like war bosses, sergeants, eldar lords, special and that type of thing. But it does not include unit champion or other infantry command types. Since I am acquiring these for a repainted section any army goes from space marines to skaven.

Special Wants - These are miniatures that I am looking for to add to my collection. These I will value above any other miniatures and would do and extra bit of work for them. These are in no particular order.

Khorne World Eater Assault Marines
Metal Genestealers
Old Bloodleters
Dark Elf Regiment of Renown
Dwarf Imperial Regiment of Renown
Dark Elf Executioners
Christmas Space Marine Captain
2000 Games Day Fantasy Orc Warboss
Emperors Champion from boxed army
Any Limited edition figures like the Sisters of Battle Set
Fantasy Empire War Wagon
Dwarf Juggernaut
Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut
Old armourcast or new Forge World Resin kits
Chaos Renedages with Heavy Weapons
Old Lead Chaos Knights and their Steeds
NOTE: Since most of the things on this list are small miniatures they can be delt with on and non standardized basis. Armouscast resin kits are rear and hard to find and just so you know how much they are worth, any samller ones are like tyranids and chaos start at $40 and larger titans $95 for painted ones.

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