I have been playing war games for over 4 years and have been painting miniatures for friends and myself even longer. I have been working on the idea of a painter for heir for a wile now just didn't have a digital camera. I have seen many pictures of painted miniatures all over the Internet and have gotten many ideas. But the main thing I saw is that many people just don't have the time to spend on painting their own miniatures or a lot of extra money to have them painted. So the simple thing that most people have extra miniatures but not a lot of extra money to spend on getting them painted. Since I play many of Games Workshop games I could use many different miniatures from their wide selection. This not only makes it easier for people to afford to get their miniatures painted, but also my experience with the games give me a much better idea on how the miniatures should look. But I am not limited to only Games Workshop miniatures I can also just as easily paint any other companies miniatures. I will eventually have myself a more presentable Website once I get some more pictures of my finished work. This text is a description of all the aspect of my painting service. So if you are interested in having your miniatures painted please read on.

Quality Is Number 1 I enjoy painting miniatures and also enjoy make great looking miniatures for myself and other people. So I decided to make an old standard new again. Instead of offering the minimum quality at maximum price I decided to put good quality at minimum price. This is a thing I see lost in almost all businesses today. I want to work to make a good product not just make a profit. So I am offering my level 2 work as standard . I did this by going to other painting services sites and seeing what there level one prices and quality were. Then I went and made my Level 2 the same price or lower than all other sites I found charge for their level one work.

This is based mostly on BRUSHWORKS standards. They have three levels that are One, Two, and three. I offer my squad level 2 painting level at around 80% less than what most other painting services charge. So depending on the miniatures at a site like BRUSHWORKS a level 2 champion would cost you $15 I will charge around $3 when it is with a unit. This is also even lower than what most sites would charge for a level 1. If you are not too sure check the pictures and judge for yourself.

If you want to see what BRUSHWORKS is all about you can check out this link below. I totally support their work they make fantastic miniatures. They have on the payroll many Golden Daemon winners so you can be sure that the stuff you get from them will be top notch. I do see them as my biggest competition but. The decision is all up to you it is your miniatures and your money I just want you to know all the options available to you.


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