Worst Painted Miniature Contest


The rules are simple just send in a picture of your worst painted human or cavalry/biker-sized miniature to enter. Once enough miniature pictures are sent in I will post up the pictures and we will all have a vote as to the worst looking miniature. The luck winner with the worst mini will get the mini painted up to a much more impressive level 3. So send those pictures in and we will really see who needs some miniatures painted.

The miniatures must at least have an attempt at being painted with some base colors. Donít send in bare metal or only primed miniatures they do not count. A good way of getting in is making the oddest color combinations possible

If this contest goes well the next contest will be for the worst painted unit up to 10 miniatures in size. So send in your pictures so next time you might get you own command squad pained up to showcase quality.

When sending your pictures in send them under the title of "Worst Painted Miniature Contest" to help keep things running smoothly.

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